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In order to continuously enhance the visibility of Hjatis brand, to Hjatis products, we made the following commitments to customers:
1. We guarantee that all products provided are duly legally used;
2. The various parts of the product are used at home and abroad high-quality components to ensure product life;
3. Products in strict accordance with national standards and industry or enterprise standards manufacturing and acceptance;
4. To ensure stable operation of the product, the technical indicators in line with user requirements;
5. The production of products in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system certification procedures to implement and comply with the provisions of the national standards;
6. Companies focus on the production process of each quality details, and to ensure a perfect after-sales service system;

For better customer service, after-sales service we make the following commitments:
1. Full-time project manager, responsible for coordinating the work of both sides, such as work progress, design and manufacturing, drawings, manufacturing confirmation, packaging and transportation, on-site installation, commissioning and acceptance.
2. Technical staff 24 hours responsible for technical after-sales service guidance and on-site guidance and installation;
3. To provide a complete product technical support, product debugging information provided by our technical staff after the completion of debugging.
4. According to customer needs, we are responsible for free training of a technical staff to master the performance characteristics of the product, and have independent operation and maintenance capabilities.
5. Product quality period for the product officially put into operation for 18 months. In the warranty period, such as non-customer causes damage to the equipment, our company free replacement of the same type of spare parts; warranty period, all belong to the quality of equipment, we provide life-long maintenance products, one year free maintenance; Will be provided at the cost of the corresponding spare parts or maintenance services.
6. To provide excellent technical support and efficient after-sales service procedures. Product commissioning and maintenance, we will receive a written document within 24 hours to respond, depending on traffic conditions, technical staff arrived at the scene within 24 hours, with the shortest possible time to troubleshoot.

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