HDGL,HDGLZ Load Isolating Switch


HDGL series load disconnector for AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 660V, DC voltage to 440V,agreed to heat up to 3200A of the enterprise power distribution equipment, used for frequentconnection and breaking circuit and electrical isolation purposes, widely used In the construction,power, petrochemical and other industries in the distribution system and automation systems.
HDGLZ conversion load isolation switch, by the two HDGL load isolation switch up and
down stacked or left and right and installed for the two-way power switch or two load equipment conversion and security isolation.
Switch in line with IEC60947-3, GB14048.3 standard.
Switch handsome in appearance, novel and simple, small size, full-featured, is the best
choice for similar product.

-The switch is modular in design and is suitable for use in connection with breaking circuits or electrical isolation. Only 1000A is used for electrical isolation.
-The switch adopts the spring storage, the instantaneous release of the accelerating
mechanism and the simultaneous opening and closing of the parallel double break point of the contact structure, which greatly improves the electrical and mechanical properties of the product.
-Products using glass fiber unsaturated polyester molding compound and manual operation of the handle, with high dielectric properties, protection and reliable operational safety.
-The switch has 3 pole, 4 pole (3 pole + can be off neutral pole).
-Switch below the marked window, indicating the contact on and off the state, according to the need to provide behind the observation window, directly observe the contact on and off state,to ensure the reliability and safety of the switch operation.
-Handle can be directly installed in the switch operation (referred to as the cabinet operation),but also through the extension shaft in the distribution cabinet door operation (referred to as the cabinet outside the operation), easy operation.
-According to the need to provide normally open normally closed auxiliary contacts and
installation of special floor and board front board after the wiring to meet the various needs of customers.
-When the break position "0", the handle can be locked with two to three locks to prevent


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