DTSD/ DSSD7999 Three-phase Multi-function KWH Meter

DTSD7999 three-phase electronic multi-function watt-hour meter is a new type of multifunction meter; it accords with the correlative standard, rules of the nation. It has the functions as highaccuracy, well stability, advanced technology and easy operation. The performance index of the meter accords with the technical requirements of nation standard, such as GB/T 17215.321 -2008 Class 1.0 and 2.0 Static AC Active watt-hour Meter, GB/T 17215.322-2008 Class 0.2S and 0.5S Static AC reactive watt-hour Meter, GB/T 17215. 323-2008 Class 2 and 3 Static AC Reactive watt-hour meter and DL/T614-1997 Multi-function Watt-hour Meter, the communication agreement accord with DL/T645-1997.
*Measure forward direction, reverse direction and 4 quadrants reactive power and max *demand, the time of max demand occurs
*Split phase power measuring;
*4 rates, 4 time zones, 10 periods per day;
*Record undervoltage , undercurrent;
*Record data of 12 months;
*The active forward & reverse direction and the reactive 4 quadrants output via pulse.
*The output of active, reactive pulse and pulse width can be setup by controller or RS485;
*The infrared controller will display the items;
*The line are communication and the infrared wireless communication accords with DL/T 645-1997;
*It can be set with the meter key stoke-display or circular-display when power is off
*Recording events (such as clearances of accumulative power and demand power)
*Meter reading function at power off;
*Recording the load;
*It is easier of electric department centralized management;
*Alarming over load function;
*Transformer magnification can be setup;
*All the data and information can be displayed via LCD;
*Measuring the voltage, current, power of the each meter all the time;
*It has the recording features of undervoltage, undercurrent, power off/on, programming, adjusting the time and so on;
*It has the function of program prohibition and demand replacement;
*Power break awakening function;



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