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HJD200-3 Power Quality Analyzer


HJD200-3 Power Quanlity Analyzer is designed for power distribution systems, industrial and mining enterprises, public buildings,intelligent buildings and other power monitoring system designed to launch a new generation of child-mounted instrument panel, set the power parameter measurement, harmonic measurement, energy measurement , power quality analyzer and communication functions in one smart meter. Not only for the transmission and distribution systems, but also for the measurement and analysis of high voltage and low voltage smart grid energy consumption.

The products complies DL/T614-1997, GB/T17883-1999, GB/T17882-1999, DL/T645-1997, GB/T15284-2002, GB/T14549-1993.

* Can measure the three-phase voltage, three-phase current, the active and reactive power of each phase, the total active power, total reactive power, power factor, frequency, four quadrant power, can achieve multiple rates of energy measurement.
* Measure the voltage and current of the grid 2 to 51 times the harmonic content, the total harmonic distortion thd.
* Programmable demand statistics function.
* Real - time grid waveform and phase measurement.
*Perfect power statistics time-sharing rate of electricity, regular automatic meter reading.
* Load curve record, the amount of large / minimum meter reading records.
* Can measure the positive sequence / negative sequence voltage, positive sequence / negative sequence current and unbalance (three-phase four wire system).
* Provides a 2-channel digital input function, the use of dry contact resistance signal input mode.
* Provides a 2-channel relay digital output function, can be used for a variety of places under the alarm instructions to protect the control output function.
*To provide active power, reactive power, two pulse output.
*Rs-485 communication interface, MODBUS-RTU communication protocol.
*Can record 20 digital input SOE event.



HJD200-3 Power Quanlity Monitoring Instrument with universal (AC / DC) power input interface, if not for special instructions, is to provide AC / DC 200V
power interface standard products, instrument operating voltage range is AC / DC 80 ~ 270V, Please ensure that the supplied power supply is suitable for this
series of products to prevent damage to the product.
A. Using AC power is recommended to install 1A fuse on the side of the line of fire;
B. For areas where the grid quality is poor, it is recommended to install a surge suppressor in the power supply circuit to prevent lightning strikes, and to install a
fast pulse group suppressor.
C. Recommended wire size 1.5 mm².

Typical functional wiring diagram

Voltage and current wiring diagram


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