HJD260E DIN Rail Dual Tariff KWH Meter

The functions of the product meet all the technical requirements of three phase electronic meter in IEC62052-11,IEC62053-21 standard(static AC active power meter)
Sending the sampling current and sampling voltage into the special IC, through the inner cushion amplifier, deliver to multiplying unit, multiply the voltage signal and current signal. Then through A/D conversion, convert the logic signal to the digital signal, then through frequency dividing circuit and drive circuit, use impulse output of electricity quantity signal for the drive impulse and electro - Indexes.

  1.   Have four display windows which display two different tariff( T0, T1), adding out voltage T1.
  2.   Forward and reverse energy measurement: accurately measure forward and reverse power.
  3.   Out voltage(220/230/240V) control the state of tariff.
  4.   Indication for power value of tariff state of each phase.
  5.   Specification

6.  Startup
The meter can be started and recorded continuously at the reference current(see the table)

7. Creep
Its output is less than 1 impulse when the rated voltage is 115% or current loop without current.

   Working voltage: 0.9-1.1 rated voltage
   Utmost voltage:  0.8-1.15 rated voltage
   Power consumption: ≤ 2W and 8VA
   Display mode: LCD 5+2 =99999.99KWH

   1. Temperature range
   Working temperature:-20-55℃
   Optional working temperature:- 40-65℃
   Storage and transportation temperature: -25-70℃
   2. Humidity range
   Average humidity per year: ≤75%          30 days in one year(pervasion as a natural way), the humidity can reach up to 95% and it usually can reach 85%


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